The Extinction of the United States of America- A letter to Erik Erickson

Dear Mr. Erickson,

Every once in a while I read your opinion about the presidential election and I think of fossils.  You are stuck in the past.  You oppose Trump as if there were some other choice for our country beside Mrs. Clinton.  You appear to believe that we can endure a Clinton presidency and come back from it.  Later on…..  With a better Republican nominee…..  And a better party…. We can’t.

You think you are being smart, and you believe you have more insight than the citizens across this country that voted for Donald Trump in historic numbers.  You have failed to grasp that a shift has occurred and it is leaving the past behind.  Many Republicans elected to the US Congress have betrayed the people who elected them to majorities in the House and Senate.   The people have seen their hopes and dreams for those majorities fade and they are taking a new direction.

You continue to attempt to degrade the Republican nominee and throw in with the candidates who stood on the stage with Mr. Trump and pledged to support the eventual nominee, only to disgrace themselves by breaking their promise when they did not win. You are denying the existence of the revolution that is occurring around you .  Trump was not my first choice, but his election is the last hope for me to see some restoration of our former country in my lifetime.  I serve in the Missouri House of Representatives as a very conservative Republican and your blog makes me sad, not Mr. Trump.   You are too far entrenched in your position now to change I am sure, but if Mr. Trump wins as I believe he will, you will have few followers left with nothing much to do but lament the revolution and be unable to influence the new direction.

You are not living in Utopia.  There is not a choice between Mrs. Clinton and your ideal pick.  There is a choice between Mr. Trump and a woman who will take this country down a road in four short years that will lead to the extinction of the United States as we know it.  You are mistaken if you believe that after four years of a Clinton presidency there will be the opportunity to rebuild our country. It will be extinct- gone- irreparably damaged- capiche?.   The Supreme Court Appointments that will likely take place in the next four years will, if Mrs. Clinton is elected,  restructure life in the former United States in ways that will not be remedied in your lifetime.  Do you believe that Mr. Trump’s appointments to the SCOTUS will be worse for conservative values than those of Mrs. Clinton?  Do you think that somehow we can endure another Clinton presidency and then rebuild your idea of a perfect Republican party?  There will be nothing left to reassemble.  If we lose this election, there is no coming back- it is over.  At that point,  the last bastion of defense of the citizenry will be at the state level, and I intend to be there in Missouri  (voters willing) to hold the federal government at bay as they seize more of the individual liberties of the citizens.    We will need to use Article V Convention of States to reign in the federal government as much as possible.  (We should do that now regardless of the outcome of the presidential election).

I am an orthopedic surgeon, and I approach things with reality in mind. If one is involved in a high speed car crash and suffers several broken bones, one can lament the reality of the crash and cling to the idea that the body he or she had just prior to the crash was much better than the real body that exists with the broken bones.  However, the choices available do not include a perfect body with no broken bones.  Choices are based on reality.  The Republican Party has just been involved in a high speed car crash, the party didn’t drive the car into the ditch as Obama contended in 2008- no,  the voters were outraged at how the car was being driven and drove it into a bridge abutment instead.  Get used to it and get over it, be constructive and help elect the Republican nominee, OR –  help Mrs. Clinton get elected and cause the United States to become extinct-  those are your options.